Click on thumbnail to view larger image. Shipping will be actual shipping cost. For now, I'll only ship within the US or Canada. I will try to send some tea samples along with each order.
(all volumes are aproximate, and are based on actual volume, not volume of tea produced)

Item #15
~ 175 ml, bubble filter
Modern "Zhuni" pot. Fairly thick walls, "sandy" texture clay. Originally from Yunnan Sourcing, and don't think they carry these anymore, so if you've been looking for one of these, this is your chance. $30

Item #11
Blue and white vine-pattern porcelain set, still wrapped in plastic, in its original box. Set consists of 6 medium cups (about 25 ml, I'd guess), 1 gaiwan (maybe 90-110 ml), and sharing pitcher. I used an identical set for quite a while, and found it pretty functional. The flare on the gaiwan lid isn't super wide. I can sell you a few extra of the cups (used, but in good condition) if you want additional cups. If you want it shipped in the box as shown, the shipping may end up being on the high side; I can also repack it in something smalller if you prefer.

Item #13
~ 200 ml, bubble filter
Never used. Originally from a Seattle shop.