Pagans and Theology Hecate

Pagans and Theology

Traditional Western theology doesn't always have much relevance for modern pagans. I took a wonderful class my first year in college on "The Philosophy of Religion," and while it was a very interesting class which stretched my mind, I also was constantly thinking "This has nothing to do with the philosophy of my religion..." Even the word "theology" refers to "the study of God and God's relation to the world" (Merriam-Webster); what about the Goddess? For this reason many feminist religious thinkers and pagans refer to "thealogy" (from the Greek root thea, Goddess, rather than theos, God). (Lynna Landstreet uses the word "polytheology") Anyway, keeping all that in mind, here are some terms for talking about divinity which do relate to Paganism.

This page is still under construction, and more relevant theological/thealogical/polytheological terms will show up as I think of them... Meanwhile, some links:

"Pagan Deism: Three Views", an excellent explanation of how different pagans view their gods. Highly recommended.
"Goddess Talk: creating a thealogy of our own" - just what the title says!
FAQ of theism (theism is believing in gods) - explains many of these terms.
Here is a neat site about pantheism.

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