Being Single

Being Single:

the rant

OK, so at the time of writing this rant (August 2000) I have been single (not in a committed relationship) for close on a year, and have not dated anyone in six months, and you know what?


Yes, that's right, folks, I like being single. And I have been wondering just exactly why it is that our society is so obsessed with the need to be in a romantic relationship. Not that romantic relationships aren't great - they definitely can be - but sometimes they're not what you need. Sometimes you need or want to be alone, to focus on yourself, to learn more about who you are. Or maybe there just isn't anyone you're interested in being involved with.

Why, if you are single, do people always make the assumption that you would rather be in a relationship, and that you just need to meet the "right" person?

I'm sure I will be in relationships again [Later note: Yup.], and I'm sure they will be great and wonderful and I will say to myself, "Self, this is really the right thing for me to be doing right now." Which is as it should be. Because at this moment, being single, I'm saying to myself, "Self, being single is really the best way for me to be right now."

Sometimes it is just good to be getting what you can out of your friendships, your work, your faith, whatever else you do with your life - and to be doing all of these things without a partner. Sometimes it's a transitional thing (where, for example, you're going through a lot of changes and need to do it alone), or sometimes it's a permanent choice that you may want to make for your life. But either way, I think being single should be honored as an equally valid choice to being in a relationship.

Yay choices!

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