Queer Resources

Queer Resources

				To love women
	is holy and holy is the free love of men
	and precious to live taking whichever comes
	and precious to live unmated as a peachtree

					- Marge Piercy

Alternative Lifestyles: the Rant

Okay, so I was looking in a college bookstore the other day and I came across the section with books on GLBT people, which was not called "Gay/Lesbian Studies," as it is in most bookstores, but instead was labelled "Alternative Lifestyles."

What's up with that expression? It's an annoying euphemism which people use when they're scared of actually using the word gay. It implies that we are outside the norm and are going to remain that way. It emphasizes that we are essentially different and have made a choice to be that way.

But I like having alternatives. I like having choices. Our society needs more alternatives in all aspects of life, rather than blind socialization to a problematic status quo.
Yay alternatives!

(Speaking of choices and alternatives, here's a rant on Being Single.)

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