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About Me

Reading, summer rain, cats, tasty Indian food, Ursula LeGuin, learning languages, pasta, yoga, swimming, my family and friends, ritual, telling bad jokes, dancing at goth clubs, maple walnut ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, working with kids, living in the Bay Area, all varieties of cheese, playing pool, good music (in particular Jeff Buckley, Concrete Blonde, Tori Amos, Cowboy Junkies).

The Man (the establishment, the system, the patriarchy) and all forms of social injustice. Large spiders. Being cold. People who abuse children. People yelling at me. TV commercials and laugh tracks. The media in general. Underwires. LiveJournal drama (if you don't know, you don't want to know). Grad school stress. Kidney beans. People on internet boards referring to their "DH," "DS," "DD," "MIL," and so on.

Peanut butter cups. ER. Agatha Christie. Popcorn. Sociology books. Origami. Sudoku (especially on my computer).

Things to Say If You Want to Piss Me Off:
"You look so young! I thought you were, like, sixteen!"
"That's so gay."
"Those lazy people on welfare should just get a job."

Phrases to Use If You Want to Piss Me Off:
"White trash"
"Female-headed household"
"Penis envy" or "Castration anxiety"
Call me "doll"

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