adding color to the European landscape

Marcy Sayings

About cooking:
"Oh, I usually just put in whatever looks right."
"Just taste it and see."
"Really? I didn't think it was spicy."

About stuff in general:
"My psych prof was talking about that the other day..."
" ...and things in general, let alone..."
"That's what I was saying five minutes ago."
"There's a South Park episode about that..."

What she's been doing lately:
"I was up until 5 in the morning organizing things/ working on my scrapbook/ cleaning my room/ [insert other Virgo activity here]"
"I was doing these webpage modifications..."
"I still haven't studied/ read those overdue books/ started that paper."

When we are late for something:
"OK, I just have to get this one thing..."
"Let me just..."
"I just have to brush my teeth..."

About men:
"I still say there's no excuse for voluntary ignorance...since going along with the status quo definition of your sex is always a choice."
"That bitch. That punk-ass coward. I hope they shrivel up and mummify in the coffins of their familial dysfunction. And you can quote me on that."

Marcy habits

Playing with hair
Tucking hair behind ears
Cracking knuckles, back, neck, etc.
Hunching over when studying and needing massage later
Washing hands
Wearing cute little skirts and dresses
Wearing all one color (usually an earth tone like brown or blue)
Attracting catcalls and/or attempts to drague her from European men
Using abbrev.s, esp. in her Fr. notes, but also in gen.
Going to art museums and having rapturous transformative experiences sketching/communing with various pieces of art.
Learning other languages, watching foreign movies, and in gen. doing her best to learn as much as possible about other cultures!

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