Beth's World of Wonders

Beth's World of Wonders

"The fascists are some heavy dudes." - Digable Planets

Welcome to my webpage! Here you will find information and links related to the things that interest me, as well as opinions (I have lots of those).

Quotes of the month:

ME: "Why are there so many Red Sox fans in Oakland?
MY SWEETIE: "Because it's friggin' cold in Boston."
- at a Red Sox vs. A's game

"I hope your significant other keeps a tight grip on you."
- stupid guy at the laundromat, harassing me. Fuck you, laundromat guy. (I have to say, though - you can always count on the Bay Area for politically correct sexual harassment.)

Things that make me laugh:
    Group Therapy
    Need U To Go - INXS vs. E40 mash-up. 80's glam pop meets 2000's hyphy.
    I Can Has Cheezburger?
    Things That Do Not Exist
    A defense of the word 'sucks'.

On my stereo lately:
Putting iTunes on Shuffle/Random.
Les Nubians, "Son Reggae" and "La Guerre" (from One Step Forward)
Sweet Honey in the Rock, "Breaths," "Ella's Song"
Alexi Murdoch, "Orange Sky"
Rachel Bagby, Full

Recently read:
Leon Goldensohn, The Nuremberg Interviews.

Movies/plays watched:
Trans-Siberian - Interesting characters and moral ambiguity/ complexity, which I appreciated. Good suspense and cinematography. But hella creepy, and the torture scene was just gratuitous. Moral of the movie: Don't go to Russia. Ever.
Burn After Reading - Very funny but kind of awful in a Coen brothers kind of way. I must borrow from the NY Times review: "'s a wonder [the Coen brothers] keep making films about a subject for which they often evince so little regard, namely other people." Yeah.

My Pages

  • Activism and Social Awareness Links:
    • Earth-Friendly Living, my suggestions for everyday ways to help the environment.
    • RAWA - the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan

Practice What You Preach.
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