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Beth's Herb Links

Since I moved to a more forgiving climate, I've started some herb gardening. This page has some links to information on the web about herbs; it's mostly here for my own use, so I haven't created any original content.

My favorite herbs that I didn't really know before I started growing them: Calendula, lemon balm, yarrow.

Herbs I already liked that are still cool now that I grow them: Rosemary, sage, parsley, and thyme. Um, yeah. And chamomile.

Herbs I just have not made work yet: Cilantro (always going to seed before I can use it! Too much work to re-plant.). Basil (keeps dying, not sure why, maybe my California garden is too dry). Dill (ditto basil). Lavender (quite a bit growing in my garden, but not aromatic when dried, sadly).

Things I've made with herbs so far:
- Calendula salve (for injuries and dry skin)
- Rosemary-infused olive oil - yum.
- Chamomile and calendula body wash - see above, tried to use internet recipe from the link, but still looking for a good base, and the xanthan gum is lumpy.
- Yarrow facial steam
- Lemon balm tea - love it.

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