Table of Elements (Click here for a text-only version)
Table of Elements
Direction East South West North
Color Pale blue, pale yellow, white, silver red, orange, gold green, deep blue, purple dark green, brown, black
Energy Intellect Will Emotion Memory
Tools Athame, incense, bells, feathers Wand, candles Chalice, cauldron, water/wine/milk/juice Salt, pentacle, stones, food
Body System Respiratory system and lung problems Muscular system and energy problems Reproductive systems and blood problems Digestive systems and nervous problems
Power To know To dare To be silent To will
Magickal Use Mind; communication; travel; beginnings Courage; passion; overcoming obstacles Love; emotion; intuition; inner or hidden knowledge Material, financial; self-esteem; grounding
Types of Magick Chanting; breathing; visualization; astral travel Candle magick; fire scrying; incense purification Energy healing; water scrying; magickal baths Grounding; knot magick; ritual tattoo/piercing
Sacred Places Mountains, places of high elevation; tundra Volcanoes; deserts Lakes, rivers, pools, the ocean; tropics Forests, caves; valleys
Season Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Time of Day Dawn Noon Dusk Midnight
Elemental Creature Sylph Salamander Undine Gnome

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For historical/ cross-cultural background, take a look at this page on The Greek, Indian, and Chinese Elements.

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