Earth-Friendly Living

Earth-Friendly Living

Suggestions for Daily Habits

Although I am far from attaining the ideal environmentally friendly habits and practices, learning ways to minimize my negative impact on the environment is an important part of my life. I thought it might be helpful to share some of the things that I commonly do and that I have found it easy to integrate into my daily life.

When trying to become more environment-friendly, keep these three things in mind:
1. Every action makes a difference. Although this has become something of a truism, it is still sometimes hard to convince yourself that it really matters if you wait to find a recycling bin instead of throwing that bottle away right now. The truth is that it does matter, and if you can keep this in mind, you will find it a lot easier to make these choices in your everyday life. Earth-friendly daily living habits are not a substitute for activism directed at changing environmental policies, but they do make a difference, and they also provide a way to bring your practices into line with your beliefs.
2. Try to make things easy for yourself. Find ways to integrate earth-friendly habits into your daily life. Don't feel like you have to do everything at once - start with small things, and later you can expand. (For example, buy one reusable menstrual pad at a time if you can't afford to buy a whole bunch or aren't ready to change your habits completely.)
3. Don't waste time feeling guilty for the actions you don't take. It's not productive to sit around beating yourself up for having driven to the store instead of walked. What is productive is to figure out a way to make it easier for yourself to get to the store next time.





Other Resources

- Put Our Earth First - helpful household tips from another witch.
- Earth 911 has local recycling information, tips on saving energy (more comprehensive and more scientific than mine), and all kinds of other environmental information.
- From the Proteus Library: Touch the Earth - an environmental quiz. How much do you know about your local environment? Become aware of your own environmental impact.
- GAIAM sells low-flow showerheads, as well as other environmental products. Their products tend to be very expensive, but you can probably find some good deals at times. Really.
- The Frugal Environmentalist ("because being green doesn't have to be expensive") - a quarterly magazine. I haven't read it but I like the idea.

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