My Credo

My Credo

I believe that god is immanent, present within all of us; that god is the life energy in our veins, the joy we take from our lives and from our connections to those around us. I believe that god is the sum of everything, and god is beyond the sum of everything. God is not a being; rather, all beings are of one substance, and that substance is god. Each of us is god, and yet is within god, just as a drop of water is within water and yet is water.

I often choose to honor deity through the spectrum of new and ancient mythologies because those are the closest to my own sense of a multi-faceted divine, and because I think these visions can help us learn to honor the divine within each other and ourselves.

I believe that our bodies and our earthly lives are sacred.

I believe in the interconnectedness of all beings. I believe that everything has its own energy, and that we have the ability to work with that energy to create change, usually by using symbols which help our subconscious to focus. This is what I call magick.

I believe that when we send out energy, whether consciously or not, that same energy comes back to us. I usually call this karma. It's not a moral system of punishments and rewards, but more like a cosmic boomerang effect, a natural law.

I believe that after death, our core being - that is, our spirit or soul - is "recycled", re-incarnated, returned to the earth in a new form.

I believe that as humans, we are not meant to be perfect or to attain perfection. Although we are all constantly striving to become truer to ourselves, those selves and those truths are constantly changing.

I believe that we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously, because to take ourselves too seriously is to lose perspective. This is not to say that we are unimportant members of the cosmos - just that we are not the only ones.

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