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Pagan chants are often taught at festivals or public rituals, and are rarely written down. For this reason, they tend to change and mutate as they are being passed on; there are often multiple variations of a chant which are passed around in different geographic regions or social networks.

Below you will find the sheet music and MIDI sound files for a number of Pagan chants. I have transcribed them myself, trying to keep as faithful as possible to the "original" chant (often difficult to ascertain!) while also offering some of the variations I have learned. Some of these variations harmonize well with the original, while others do not work so well. I should mention that I like to write down sheet music in classical notation because this is my training and background; however, I know that the styles of some Pagan chants don't lend themselves well to this type of notation. I've tried to note this wherever possible so you can be aware that not all songs are sung church-choir style!


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This website is not intended to replace Pagan music CDs, or to duplicate the work of songbooks like Julie Forest Middleton's extensive Songs for Earthlings. I strongly encourage you to buy Pagan CDs (you will find my reviews of some CDs here) as well as songbooks. I have noted on each page the available recordings of a song, if I know of any, and provided a link where you can buy that recording.

I am happy to remove any chants from this page, make corrections, or add copyright notices at the author's request.

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